Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Lojan Spinning wheels or looms?

We have answered the most frequently asked questions below.

What is Dutch tension?

Dutch tension is Irish tension improved by Jan Louët: the spinning wheel is bobbin-led, but the aerodynamic design of the flyer allows you to spin with very little pull on the yarn. As a result, Dutch tension is great for spinning both thin and thick yarns.

Can I order a product from Lojan?

You can only order products through our dealers. They are all mentioned on the dealer overview page. We are very good at making products. We leave the selling and customer service in the more capable hands of our experts.

Are Lojan and Louët the same company?

No, they are different companies. Louët bv is founded 1974 by Jan Louët and a former classmate. Lojan bv is founded in 2023 by Jan Louët his daughter Loes van Aken.

Jan no longer owns the Louët company. You can read more about this at the webpage of Jan Louët.

I’m noticing white dust accumulating on my orifice. Is this a cause for concern?

No worries! The white dust you see is a residue from the bearing surface. This is a natural part of the breaking-in process of our spinning wheels and will resolve itself over time. We recommend cleaning the area and then applying a drop of sewing machine oil to the orifice bearing.

How does the plastic of the flyer and bobbins behave? Is it durable?

The plastic we use, POM, is known for its strength and durability. It is designed to withstand abrasion and impact, which means it does not become brittle or break easily. In addition, it has a low coefficient of friction, allowing it to move smoothly without wearing out. This makes it well suited to our application, where durability and resistance to abrasion are important.