About us

Lojan produces spinning wheels and looms that last a lifetime.

Sustainable quality that we make affordable through smart design.

Affordable products with high quality, how do we do it?

We do it together!


The prototypes are tested by experienced spinners and weavers.

This is how we refine the workability and technique of the products.

Lojan bijenwas, bescherm je producten


Our products are delivered unfinished.

Finish your spinning wheel in your favorite color, or protect your loom with lacquer, oil or wax.

schroevedraaiers groen met zwart


You assemble your product yourself. This is easy to do with clear instructions.

This way you immediately get to know your new acquisition well.

Envelopjes met ronde lojan wheels and looms stickers


Because you do the assembly and finishing yourself, production is less expensive, packaging is smaller and transportation costs are lower.

Design process

Jan sketches on a drawing board. Loes elaborates the ideas in 3D, on the computer.

Father and daughter continue tinkering in the workshop, tackling every aspect of the design proces.

From brainstorming to final touches, everything is considered:

  • How does the thread run?
  • Where is the tension?
  • How can it be smoother?
  • Can the assembly be simpler?
  • How small can we pack it?

All these steps refine and improve the spinning wheels and looms.

Long-term vision

Leaving the world a better place for our (grand)children.

Our products are of high quality and durability, lasting for generations to come.

We take care of our belongings and prioritize reuse whenever possible.

  • The wood is sourced from Europe, ensuring sustainable forest management practices.
  • The printing paper is made from agricultural waste.
  • 80% of the machines and furniture are second-hand.

Lojan consists of Loes and Jan

Jan Louët designed his first spinning wheel, the S10, in 1973.

Loes worked with her father for about 15 years.

Together, they started Lojan in 2023.