lojan molenhaspel geklemd op een tafel met op de voorgrond enkele spoelen

A new generation of spinning wheels and looms

Designed by Jan Louët and his daughter Loes.

Meet Buddy

Your new spinning companion.
A spinning wheel for home and travel.
Houten spinnewiel met brede trapplank van Lojan

Buddy wide treadle

Check out this spinning wheel

Houten spinnewiel met dubbele trapplank van Lojan

Buddy double treadle

Check out this spinning wheel
Een houten spinnewiel met lazy kate, en een rugzak. Lojan

Travel Buddy

Check out this spinning wheel

Products from Lojan

Crafting tools for spinning and weaving.

After 50 years of experience, redesigned by Jan Louët and his daughter Loes.

Lojan Buddy spinnewiel enkeltrappend

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Jan Louet en Loes poseren voor een wand met bos op de achtergrond

About us

Lojan makes spinning wheels and weaving looms that last a lifetime.

Sustainable quality that we make affordable by smart design.

Jan Louët and Loes van Aken combine 50 years of craftsmanship with modern technology.

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